The exploration of the development of a Self Love Lifestyle continues in Episode 6 and guides you through a deeper journey into the fourth layer of Self Love.

Here, the transformational process begins to highly affect the conscious mind, the physical body, and as well as the subtle energy body and energetic field.

In fact, layer 4 is often so transformational that it is even apparent to those around you who perhaps may not understand the energetics of it all, begin to recognize the transformation even with their untrained eyes.

People around you recognize some change but perhaps can’t put their finger on it…have difficulty understanding it but one thing is clear…you are on FIRE!

Life appears to just flow through you and the energy field that you dwell within in seems to have no limits.

And yet, with all this power, there is a new ‘something’ that has appeared…

Listen in to discover for yourself how your HeartShift and reclaiming your Self Love is the key for something quite profound!


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