Have you ever wondered about the synchronicities of the universe and asked yourself, what the F (freak) is this all about? Why this? Why now?

I know I have and in truth, it used to drive me crazy a bit.In fact, I would often feel myself getting tossed around like a little dingy in a stormy ocean.

I remember sitting at the breakfast table with my newspaper, taking all the shock and pain and terror in the world internally and feeling like we were all doomed…hopeless little ants who can’t seem to get anything right. 

And mind you btw, I was very much involved in a spiritual community at the time so I did have some amount of awareness of what this was doing to me. What I didn’t realize though at the time, was the severity of the price that I was paying by continuing this habitual practice of reading the newspaper every morning…I didn’t realize how it robbed me of my peace. And it did a damn good job!

I would take whatever I read with me wherever I went. It would often be the lead in to conversations …the repetition of the atrocities like my ticket to peer acceptance and group play.

I could be guaranteed an invitation to join in conversation, as I was especially good at critical analysis and identifying  the parts of human nature that were called forward as we discussed all of the current events. I also carried these themes with me as I fine-tuned my general perspectives as well. Sometimes it was a justification for a belief or behavior…a reason to judge or to reject.

What I didn’t realize though was how I carried them with me in my heart and the price I paid was a sense of disconnect to the one aspect of me that was based in truth. 

Then one day, I noticed that my heart was racing a bit and I was feeling some anxiety as I read the newspaper.

I was feeling a sense of despair one minute and anger the next and I suddenly got this shooting pain in my temple. It jolted me upright. As it subsided and became a more subtle throb, I started in again…I suddenly got a pain in my neck and shoulder in the same way. I thought, wow, what’s going on here? I played a little game with myself. I would stop reading, start reading, stop reading, start reading….crazy right? No! No it wasn’t.

I could feel my body reacting to what I was reading.

I put the newspaper down, folded it up tightly and threw it in the garbage, picked up the phone and cancelled my subscription. That was at least 20 years ago and I haven’t read one since.

I also don’t listen to the news or read magazines that are filled with propaganda or trash and sensationalized lives. (OK confession, sometimes I flip through one while I am getting my pedicure but I mostly look at the pictures!)

How do I live people want to know? My response is just like you.  As amazing as it sounds, everything I need to know somehow makes its way to me and it will for you too.

It’s a wonderful phenomena but once you start to regulate what you are exposing yourself to, your inner guidance has a chance to make its way into your consciousness and BINGO! You are suddenly getting what you need rather than what someone else wants you to need!

Anyway, even when disturbing news does make its way in, I am very aware of my emotional reaction to it and I try to stay separate from it rather than taking it in. Then rather than being swept away, my first response can be, “how can I see this as a call for love?”

And then, ”how can I answer this call?”

It’s kind of like using reverse psychology on myself. I allow myself to be baited and then I rise to the occasion with a specific intention to HeartShift the energy of it.  It’s pretty amazing how this works and how effectively I can be more present as well as a more efficient and responsible agent of healing. 

Many years ago, I used to be part of a kitchen table spiritual group at the home of my dear friend Barbara Henricksen- Hinz on Long Island. One of our Soul sisters was a beautiful, kind and loving women, Gladys. Gladys was a bit older than we, probably in her 70’s, full of wisdom and a feistiness that would send us laughing, sometimes crying, but always smiling out the door each week with some real gems to think about.

One of them, was how she would transcend it all energetically by using the newspaper as an opportunity to exercise her spiritual ability to hold her vibration of love. Amazing awareness that spoke volumes in terms of spreading light and her own unique brand of love! 

Either way, the bottom line is that you have a choice about the energy you allow into your field, which you feed and which you show to the door.   

You might being saying to yourself right now, ‘Nope! This won’t ever happen. I just can’t do it.  If I don’t know what’s going on people will think I’m ignorant or have my head in the sand.’

I’ve heard all those excuses before and I want you to know that you can do it! You just need to accept the fact that you’re in charge, you really are! Are you in charge of everything that happens in this world? Do you have the power to change it? No, and No. (but maybe yes) OK. But you still own your own personal power to make a choice!


I once met a guy at a conference that I started to make small talk with. He was from Florida and I had just heard they had experienced a huge storm. I started to ask him about it when he interrupted me in mid- sentence, held up his hand and said, “I no longer speak about anything that I have no control over.” Well, OK!

Needless to say, I was a bit taken aback but I understood where he was coming from and I have to admit, I was a bit intrigued.

So, I could have been irritated, maybe even off put but I decided to inquire a bit more and I simply said, “Tell me more about that.” And he did and we had a wonderful, lengthy conversation that was filled with lots of food for thought. Was his stance extreme? Perhaps! But what it did was sure strengthen those muscles needed for utilizing his free will and making certain that his every choice served his Highest Good!

So, the moral of the story?

Pay attention to what steals your peace and sabotages your vibrational energy field.  Keep the knowingness for what’s most important for your universe is YOU feeling good!

Remember, you do have the power to choose the energy that comes into your field and gets to stay. That power never ever leaves you. Pay attention to what you’re feeding and trust me that can be scarier than anything you might read in the newspaper!

Huge Hugs and HeartShifts…until next time



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