Staying Present for Energy’s Sake

I’ve been thinking a lot about this whole concept of designating a particular time in the continuum as The New Year. And yes, I realize the scientific basis of this measurement. I also have an appreciation on many levels as it helps to keep a certain order in my daily calendar, as well as in the sequencing of memories.

But I have to admit, there is some question in my own mind about whether this is a benefit or a hindrance.

After all, from an energetic stance…it’s only the present where we have any real power to create.

So, what’s the harm you might ask?

Maybe none, if we are still able to just stay present and in the moment. But often times we tend to project too far into the future as well and that can cause some real overwhelm which is just as detrimental as carrying in too much from the past…

…and especially if you are projecting fear into your future based upon your past years performance or experiences, you will have to deal with a double whammy!

So a week ahead or month ahead or day or even an hour ahead can possibly be a real energy drain.


There is this energetic principle I call ‘the revolving door.’ It’s the recognition that energy is always in motion. 

You go in and you go out and the beauty is you can do it all at the same time! The revolving door allows you to stop and exit or re-enter at any time having lost nothing in the exchange as this door constantly closes you off to the past the moment you enter and releases you out again all the while containing your energy.

Of course, you can make it go faster or try to hold it in place but that game gets tired very easily for you and those around you.

It’s also great because you can limit or choose who will ride with you as the space is limited too.

Think about it…

…a door that opens and closes based on your decision and is filled with opportunity but only if you stop spinning!

The problem occurs when you forget to get out to tend to the business at hand because your intention has been lost to all of the spinning and you forgot where to put your focus.

In life, that’s when you have to just stop, be still and redirect.

This is my wish for you in the days ahead: You will know when to get in; You will know when to get out and if the spinning is making you too confused, just stop, take a breath, refocus and choose accordingly. 

Whichever way you choose, this revolving door has your back!

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