Be A Champion for Peace

Be A Champion for Peace in 2018: I recently sponsored a contest collecting original Forgiveness Quotes.  We had many participants and collected several beautiful quotes from people all around the world (see a few right here). We generated a lot of interest and energy dedicated to the process of forgiveness.

The culmination of this contest is a published book containing the winning quotes on beautiful images along with commentary and guidance on how it relates to the forgiveness process. Both a  printed and E-Book version will be ready for distribution to start the New Year.

In addition to publishing this book, 20% of the profits from the sale of these books will be given to a peace-making organization to be voted upon by the winners of the Forgiveness Quote Contest.

Because I received many inquiries from people in our Spiritual/Personal development field on how they could participate and Be A Champion for Peace in 2018, I decided to offer sponsorships to submit their own quote, promote an evergreen program or simply be a part of a movement to amplify peace and forgiveness throughout the world. 

Sponsorship Opportunities are Available Right Now

Are you willing to sponsor peace and forgiveness?   The book “Forgive To Live: Making Peace to Live in Peace” is currently in the manuscript layout phase and we are still accepting sponsorships right now.

All supporting sponsored contributors are featured in this first run book as a full color half page ad (5”x4”) with your company name, phone, email and website address. You can submit an original forgiveness quote as well if you choose or promote an evergreen program.

Your artwork/submission must be completely print ready and will be added as it is received. There will be no alterations or corrections. (See ad specs on the right) The cost of sponsorship is only $44. (There will also be a black and white print run later in the year and used for promotion for Marcy Neumann, so this is an ongoing effort through 2018)

Champion Sponsor Costs

For $44, you will receive

  • 1 half page full color ad for your business (can include forgiveness quote, those with forgiveness quotes get placed first)
  • Recognition as a sponsor in promotional materials

We are purposely launching this book to be ready for to surge into 2018 with a new wave of Forgiveness, Peace and the power of a greater Love Awareness.  It would be wonderful to have you on board as a Champion of Peace in 2018.

Fill out the secure form below, upload your ad and complete your payment.  It’s that easy to be a sponsor and Champion of Peace for the upcoming book ‘Forgive to Live: Making Peace to Live in Peace’


Ad Width: 5 inches
Ad Height: 4 inches


Ads must be submitted at time of sponsorship purchase.

File format: Press-optimized pdf or jpg

Adhere to these guidelines:

  • All color images must be CMYK
  • All images should be at least 300 pixels per inch at print size.
  • Line art should be at least 900 pixels per inch.
  • Rules should be at least 0.25 points wide.
  • Type should not be smaller than 5 points.
  • White type on a dark background should not be smaller than 6 points.
  • Final image size 5” x 4” and leave a safety margin (at least 1/4″ in from the trim lines) on all sides for important text and logos to allow for variance in final sizing and printing.

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