Deep Cellular Healing Through CELLpH Love

The Beginning of CELLpH® Love (Self Love)



About 5 years ago I began to notice that there were dramatic changes taking place in my psyche.  It began making demands of me like it had never done before.  It was almost as if it had its own agenda that was requiring me to make life changes.

And quite honestly, these changes scared me.  Some of them seemed to be in complete contrast to ideals that I held to and beliefs that I held dear. And they even encompassed how I believed the medical system would remedy my mounting medical conditions.  

However, as I surrendered and made the choices it demanded of me, something miraculous began to happen.  The arthritis that had been plaguing me in my hips disappeared.  The digestive problems I had every time I ate, disappeared.  The constant headaches that I experienced disappeared.  And most dramatically, the panic attacks that I experienced very often in my sleep, stopped. 

What were the changes I made? 

Initially, I thought it was my thoughts and beliefs that were the driving force of my change.  However, I realized, that it was really how I wasfeeling that actually pointed me in the direction to the changes that were the remedies that I needed. 

I discovered, that it was actually my spirit that was demanding the changes and my thoughts were just following.

Yes, I did change some of my diet but I was already a vegetarian and had always lived what I thought was a very healthy lifestyle.  Eating right and getting plenty of exercise was spiritually connected (or so I thought) …so why then at the age of 50 did I feel like I was 80??? 

The truth was, I was living out of alignment with my spirit.  In fact, what I didn’t know is that I worked very hard to keep my spirit small and quiet lest it cause too many challenges to those around me who expected that I act and be a certain way.  Sound familiar yet?

As I began to set my spirit free, I actually started to physically feel better; I was mentally healthy, thinking clearer than ever before.

In addition to the newfound physical and mental health, I also suddenly appeared to be tapped into a wave of creative energy…and that was the extra zap I needed.  That creative energy was the catalyst for starting my own company, Heartlites, Inc. that manufactured products related to transformation and manifestation.

In fact, each step I took towards embracing the greatness of my spirit, my world just became larger and larger and I became happier and healthier than ever before!  What’s more, I realized that it was happening because I was fully engaged in partnership with the very life force energy that fueled me.  This was a powerful realization and I knew that I had to share this with the world.


The Science Behind CELLpH Love (Self Love)

CELLpH Love is based upon the premise that our every thought and emotion carries a cellular pH value, (meaning that it is either alkaline or acidic), and that we can use this information to create balanced formulas that keep us feeling good!

My medical background help me to understand the science behind it.  There were truckloads of research on diseases and illness that were attributed to stress.  In fact, EVERY disease and illness was contributed to stress.  In my private practice I realized that everyone I was treating described a tremendous amount of stress. However, what I was FEELING, was their fear.  That was when I realized that stress is caused by only one thing.  It is always fear based.  It’s my perspective that there are 2 ends of the emotional spectrum.  Fear at one end and love at the other.  Everything in between, are just varying degrees of symptoms. 

I began teaching the CELLpH Love process to my clients and helped them to identify their  resistances to their own well being. In conjunction, I created programs for them that helped them to identify what their spirits were saying and discern which life choices were in support of their spirit.  Amazing and miraculous things started happening to them too.  They also were healthier and happier and started to live lives that were more fulfilling and purposeful.

I realized that what I actually was doing, was teaching them how to love themselves.  Their bodies and minds were doing the rest.  It seems so simple..perhaps too simple and yet, that’s exactly what was happening.

I’ve taught hundreds of courses and workshops and continue to teach on CELLpH love for whole body, mind and spirit health and happiness.

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