Hearing first hand what our Veterans experience after coming home is eye-opening and heartbreaking.

Watch as Jared explains his journey and how he is able to live in peace after so much devastation and loss.

Veterans Day is a day that we honor those who have served us in the military. We often think of these soldiers as ‘The Army’, or ‘The’Marines’ or ‘The Air Force’.

In other words, we think of them as a group and lose sight of the individuals…the faces and the names..the people.

jared bull in a peaceful state of mindToday I interviewed Jared Bull. He’s 27 years old and was deployed twice to Afghanistan as a machine gun operator. Watch and listen to what he has to say about his service and the after effects on his life and well-being.

Thank you Jared for the light and inspiration you provide. You can learn more about Jared, his practices, programs and philosophies for living life as a veteran who has found the balance, spirituality and peace through alternative healing practices.  www.mysticeye.co


Jared proudly supports VALORS Mission. VALORS Mission is a federally recognized, non-profit organization dedicated to the implementation and advancement of alternative treatments for veterans suffering with psychological and neurological disorders. The VALORS founders, all of whom are 100% service disabled veterans, are committed to helping other veterans supplement traditional treatments with integrative health and wellness in order to overcome their service connected wounds.  If you would like to make a donation, visit their website at www.valorsmission.org.





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