Bonus Episode - Interview with Linda Kroll on Compassionate Forgiveness

by Marcy Neumann The HeartShift Coach | HeartShift Radio

Linda Kroll is an expert in Compassionate Communication,  particularly in the field of relationships that seem to have gone awry.

Our conversation is profound on many levels, but I was truly moved with the potential for transformation in any relationship with the tools and processes she has created.

Linda teaches that each and every one of us has the ability to choose from which self we are responding from; the expansive true SELF or the smaller, limited self that often reacts instead of responds.

When we realize we have this choice and have the tools to support it, we can show up in any relationship from this place of connection rather than separation.

Linda’s book and programs are tools that enhance every level of communication whether verbal or action based as they are based on her deep understanding of the Energy of thoughts, words and deeds.

Enlightenment and Compassion walk hand and hand and this book is one of my favorites when it comes to relationships.

Linda teaches how to be your best SELF and learn how to Compassionately Communicate! Add more passion and compassion to your relationship today.  Read a Free Chapter.

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