It’s Time for Accountability

Accountability doesn’t have to bring you to a state of fear, remorse or self- flagellation with endless chants of mea culpa. By the way, Latin meaning of mea culpa is, ‘by my fault’? A little guilt there?

I think being accountable is another one of those misunderstood words that has been given a bad rap.

It’s a childhood thing where being accountable meant trouble…and usually it was yours!

It’s tough at times because of that childhood programming. As adults we automatically assume the worse about ourselves when we are held to it. In fact, so ingrained in avoiding it at all costs, the mere suggestion of it is like a button that brings down a lead shield.

Or, perhaps you’re one of those people who has the tendency to dive deeper just to try to find a good answer to the ‘why’ in the hopes that your punishment will be swifter or gentler because of it.

When we do that however, we are counter- productive for sure. In fact, it’s really, self -sabotaging. Does my making that statement surprise you? Are you wondering why I would say that self -examination is counterproductive?

The reason is because self- examination of this nature, with the purpose of self- incrimination is energetically self-destructive!

What isn’t counter- productive or self-destructive however is to take an accounting of how you are doing at expanding and becoming more flexible and trustworthy or truthful.

Those accountings are valuable and enhance our life experiences in many, many ways. That’s why one of my favorite workshops to facilitate is on accountability!  I have found that it has the potential to be a catalyst for some deep, deep healing.

You see, because of the childhood programming, accountability is often accompanied by guilt and shame and those two energies are so self -destructive that nothing good can ever come out of it unless of course, you come out of it!

So how can accountability be a source of healing then if it tends to be self- destructive? By re-programming yourself into allowing accountability to become a guideline for building what you want in life and to do that; you must allow yourself to see it differently. You need to find the benefits of it and see that you can use those to build a stronger foundation for yourself.

It’s easier when you take the word apart and see it for what it is, so let’s do that

Account – able

Able to take an accounting.

That doesn’t sound so bad, does it? How does it feel?

As you know, it’s important to keep track of everything that is coming in and going out of your bank accounts. And these checks and balances are the only way for you to make certain that you have the funding for even your basic needs.

The Spiritual concept, perhaps we could even call it a journey of being accountable, is exactly the same when it comes to being account- able in terms of yourself as a human being.

How do you show up in your life?

Energy is attracted to other energy just like itself. It draws similar energy  in to it. Stay in the dense energies of negativity like blame and shame, guilt or remorse, and you will have very little energy available to fund your happiness. There is no match!

However, feed the energies that have the potential to create growth and expansion of you as a Spiritually aware Being and you will be making investments that will be sound and that will continue to give back.

Your vibrational consciousness determines the level of your ability to choose wisely in your personal investments and they will make the difference between you experiencing very little happiness or you having it all.

It’s just Spiritual Math 101. So it’s time to choose which qualities of a higher frequency to invest in.

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