As a life and spiritual coach, specifically The HeartShift Coach and an authority on manifestation and transformational energies, I try and project a positive, loving energy into everything I teach. Love is all there is and self-love is the greatest love of all. It’s my mission and life purpose to deliver these messages of love and transform lives through energy education, teaching empowerment skills and creating tools for personal change.  

I’m here to help you shift your heart, shift your thoughts and shift your life to being happy, healthy and whole!


Long story short

Hi there!  I’m Marcy Neumann, The HeartShift Coach.

Let me start by saying one thing…

Everything can change and it’s possible to make those changes by shifting your heart and your energy to one of love, specifically self-love because when your heart is full of love for yourself, there is nothing and no one that can break that.

Self-love is indestructible, unshakable and all you need to move towards the life you deserve to live.

How do I know this?

I’ve lived it!

Been there, right where you may be now. Read my story, hear my struggles in your own now and see what I did to change my life, just as you can change yours too.

I’m a professional Energy Healer, Integrative Intuitive Counselor, Spiritualist Minister, Certified Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master but at one time I was just someone who knew she needed a change.

My story may sound familiar to you. I was stuck in a life I didn’t even know was that bad…not until it started manifesting itself in various ways like early arthritis, digestive problems, recurring panic attacks and nightmares, anxiety, headaches and so many other health problems I can’t begin to list them all here.

I was unsure what was happening, but I knew I had to change something.  I knew that change was going to have to come from deep within me.  But, I didn’t know which way to turn to get out or what to do to keep from falling back into old habits, thought patterns or beliefs.

The first thing I did was to get help, support and mentoring to create the drastic changes I needed in my life.

Through much trial and error, failures and successes, I realized I had developed a system that worked.  I integrated this system into my practice and today I have helped thousands of clients find their voice, find their purpose, passion, happiness and love.

My process is called HeartShifting and it’s a recalibration of energy.  Energy healing is a common practice and through my continued development into this area of healing, I have discovered four key elements involved in making a HeartShift and it’s through these elements I’m able to help my clients make the shifts they need in their lives.

These shifts lead to an unshakeable, solid, lasting Self-Love that not only gets you the life you want, you deserve and you were born to live…but it sustains you and keeps you centered and coming back to your authentic self.

I’m living proof that HeartShifting does work.  I want the same for you.  And I can help you get it.

“Love is all there is and self-love is the greatest love of all.”  ~ Marcy

Huge Hugs and HeartShifts,


marcy neumann

→ Registered Nurse

→ Ordained Spiritualist Minister

→ Reiki Master

→ Certified Hypnotherapist

→ Energy Healer

→ LOA Life Coach

→ CellpH Love Reiki Master/Teacher

My background is pretty unique.

I’m a healer by nature, so I became a registered nurse and early in my training, I also began to realize that there was more to complete and total healing and recovery than just the science-based conventional medical side.

So in addition to my nursing studies, I also trained with world renowned Rev. Edith Wendling and was ordained as a Spiritualist Minister.

In doing so, I was able to create a bridge and close the gap between conventional medical, scientific healing and spiritual, natural energy healing that enhanced my patients well-being and caused my patients to thrive.

For over 40 years, I have integrated energy healing principles and programs with medical needs and was instrumental in creating Reiki programs for mainstream medical facilities such as Hospice of Long Island, the Northshore/LIJ Hospital system, as well as numerous other facilities and organizations countrywide.

In addition, as a Reiki Master on multiple levels and Certified Hypnotist specializing in Regression Therapy, I took my calling as a healer even further.

In a natural progression towards helping and healing others, I recognized the need for physical, experiential tools and products as well as teaching and guidance through self-help programs.

I created Heartlites, Inc., a company manufacturing award winning spiritual and personal development products, customized programs and educational materials based on the ‘Law of Attraction’ principles.

My unique perspectives and adaptation of the ‘Law of Attraction’ has made my coaching services sought after for both private and corporate sectors in creating personal and professional success.

The HeartShift Coach

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