In this latest episode of the High Vibe Tribe podcast, Lisa Warner tells all — even what’s behind door #4.  Intrigued?  You will be.

Lisa is so generous in this interview, teaching us how to break free from that matrix of Dis-ease and how to step into the unlimited freedom found only when you align with your True Self and the journey of your Soul.

As you may know already, and may have experienced, life is constantly offering opportunities for you to step up and step into who you have come here to be and do. What happens though when that thought scares you? What happens when, ‘who you are called to be’ is something other than what you thought or others want you to be? Well, The Universe has a system for winning you back. In fact, you have been designed for just that!

It’s this system that Lisa has tuned into and will tell you about today as she raised herself out of the dis-ease consciousness to a frequency level where healing happens. Lisa describes this clear path as a journey from the 3D realm you are accustomed to living in, to the 5D level where the healing is at. It’s a mix of Quantum and Spiritual laws and Lisa now has a system of her own to teach all of that.

This is an interview you will want to bookmark and listen to over and over. Please let Lisa know how grateful you are for her letting all of this come through and sharing it with all of you!

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Lisa Warner is a Guide to Higher-Consciousness Living, an Access Bars_____® Practitioner, and the
Author of “The Simplicity of Self-Healing”. Her goal is to help her clients step out of the 3-D matrix of the MIND that creates and generates pain, suffering, and disease into the infinite wisdom and well-being of the SOUL.

Lisa’s personal journey through physical ‘dis-ease’ was a catalyst for her own process of discovery into what was really going on inside her physical body. She saw the link between her emotional stress and physical symptoms, and knowing that the body is designed to heal itself, she chose to forego traditional medical treatment in lieu of fully understanding – and then adjusting – the Mind, Body, Spirit connection.

Along the way, she had very deep insights about what ‘dis-eases’ are and was able to clearly see that it is our own FEAR and misinterpretations of these physical symptoms that keep us locked into unnecessary pain and suffering. 

She now shows awakening humans how to free themselves from the 3-D matrix of the mind so that they can create happy, healthy lives as their most Radiant Selves. She is passionate about helping others make the quantum shift into SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS.

Lisa has a Private Facebook group called SOUL SOURCED HEALING and her videos can be found on YouTube. Her website is: ConnectingYoutoYOU.com


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