#8: Cliff Aguirre — Hanging with Ghosts: Living life surrounded by the past, present and future

October 1, 2020

Cliff Aguirre wasn’t always an author, a medium, a Hypnotist, a Past Life Regressionist, a musician or Life Coach! At one time he was just a typical little kid living in L.A. with ghosts walking through his house! Wait, did I say typical? There is nothing typical about Cliff!

By day, he’s mild mannered like Clarke Kent. But by night? He has a whole group of ghostly troubadours who come to gather by his light. They come with all sorts of information, some write books and some write songs but through it all Cliff’s place is apparently where they belong!

Cliff describes this gathering place as if it is normal, “ just another night!’ Can you imagine getting used to those visitors who for others may be such a fright? Cliff has so much wisdom to share, years of experiences all found in his books and the deep knowingness that grows from true life encounters that at times left him shook! Nothing like true life to give you the classroom to learn and excel and move right to the front of the class to take the teachers place!


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PH: 339-214-8194

Cliff Aguirre is a hypnotist, author and public speaker. He is the proprietor of Mind Balance Hypnosis in Massachusetts. Cliff is a Certified Hypnotist (CH) with the National Guild of Hypnotists.

In his hypnosis practice, Cliff helps clients on topics of anxiety, trauma, self-esteem, healthy eating, smoking cessation and more. Cliff is also a Certified Life Coach. As an author and public speaker, Cliff is known for his expertise in such topics as the benefits of hypnosis in subconscious healing, life after death, spiritual encounters, and past life regressions.

As an author, Cliff has three books on Amazon; Journey Back – The Amazing Memories of Individuals Through Past Life Regression, Happiness, Tragedy and
Healing (Published in 2017); The Death Transition – The Process of Passing Over (originally published in 1984 and now in the second edition), and Encounters With The Other Side, published in 2016. In the near future, Cliff will have a fourth book called Navigating Life and a fifth book for parents who have lost children in death.

Cliff also has two podcasts, Journey Back, a podcast about past lives and ghosts. His second podcast is Navigating Life, a podcast with discussions about life and stories on positive contributions to the world. Both podcasts can be found where podcasts are available, Apple Music, Stitcher etc.

As a musician and songwriter, Cliff’s songwriting credits include Guard My Heart, released in 2017. Singer Eileen Mallen-O’Brien sings with a soulful blues voice. Guard My Heart can be found on Apple Music, Amazon and other streaming sites.

For more information about Cliff, visit CliffAguirre.com and Mindbalancehypnosis.com


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