#6: Anthony Profeta — The Monk, the Cave and the Story of Medicine to Meditation

September 18, 2020
anthony profeta guest on the high vibe tribe podcast

Former medical student Anthony Profeta is the latest guest on the High Vibe Tribe. 

And don’t worry, there won’t be any stuffy doctor talk here.  In fact, this interview is about Anthony’s story of courage, where he goes from being called into the medical profession to answering the call of being and living within a state of mindfulness.

Tune in today and hear this medicine to meditation story, the steps Anthony took to get there and why meditation should be used as a modern day secret healing agent.


The Hippocratic Oath, is an oath of ethics that is typically taken by physicians as a guideline for going out into the world and ethically caring for the needs of their patients.  There is an old and a new version.

Physicians take a vow to treat the ill to the best of their ability, as well as to teach the secrets of medicine to others that follow.

The new version also includes a line, “ I will prevent disease whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure.”

So imagine Anthony’s surprise when nowhere in his training to be a Dr. were these secrets of prevention taught or even improvised for the prevention of diseases with stress at their roots!

As a long time meditation devotee, Anthony knew the benefits already as they had kept him afloat during times when faith alone had not. But could he make that transition and take a different path than had been outlined for him and really make a go of it and make it last?

This was the question and he found his answers to these and more.  He found them in the silence, not in the books, not in the lecture halls and though some came at a cost, his revelations were not to be ignored.

Anthony discovered that the health he seeks and the health that he teaches are very different from the conventional medicine that often rather than healing, too often leaves people still in pieces.

Listen in to Anthony’s amazing story.

Read More About Anthony

Anthony Profeta is an internationally-known medical student turned meditation/mindfulness teacher & singing bowl specialist whose knowledge stems from over two decades of study & practice.

His passion for meditation has led him around the world studying many various techniques in monasteries, ashrams, & meditation centers of the US, Nepal, & India.

Anthony considers himself very blessed to have studied under the guidance & mentorship of such well-respected teacher & masters as Jack Kornfield, Sharon Salzberg, & The Dalai Lama.

Anthony teaches classes, workshops and retreats throughout the world. His popular “Good Vibrations: Sound Bath Meditation Experience” have SOLD OUT venues throughout the nation. And in 2019, Anthony was commissioned to present his Sound Bath Experience at the art world’s premier show Art Basel in Miami beach, FL.

Anthony is a regular presenter at the Edgar Cayce Association for Research & Enlightenment (ARE), His writings have been published in the mindful living sites “The Elephant Journal” & “Thrive Global”, and he’s also been featured in the Huffington Post.


Anthony’s Guided Meditations and Sound Bath Meditations are available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify & other retailers.

You can join his Facebook Group & follow him on Instagram
or learn more by visiting his website: www.AnthonyProfeta.com







Get information and tickets to Anthony’s latest event here.

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