#5: Suzie Cobden — Revolution to Evolution … What A Game Changer

July 28, 2021
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Suzie Cobden is the perfect example of the power of a personal revolution that gives birth to evolution for Self and others. Quiet and introverted by nature, Suzie found her heart and then her voice to become a powerhouse of inspiration, a truly innovative leader and a Pied Piper for those ready to march towards creating real transformation and deep abiding change.

The truth is, even though I have never physically met Suzie Cobden, I immediately recognized the revolution that was going on inside her. She had thoughts and words just waiting to be shared.
I recognized the energy of her words, the purity of her message and the fire of her passion. I recognized her unabashed force of truth, unapologetic that she was off on a tangent or spouting peculiar thoughts and words. I knew immediately she was channeling messages from a Higher Plane. 

Tune in now to Suzie’s Revolution to Evolution. You’re going to just love this interview.

Read More About Suzie

I am a Nanna. 

I have 5 adorable grandchildren, 4 of them just babies and they remind me of what is real.

I stepped into the online world in a big way only 18 months ago after relying on a rather sporadic income provided by life coaching and energy work after leaving previous employment in 2016.

I have been an avid imbiber and liver of all things spiritual, metaphysical and energy for more than a decade.

I was reluctant to shift my focus away from what I felt was my path, but as life always does, I was nudged and then pushed until I had no option than to cede.

My passion is empowering women but it’s actually more than a passion. It is something I MUST do.

You can imagine my delight when a seemingly innocuous online platform presented itself that actually not only supported empowerment, but it was a compulsory and huge part of the training. MY LIFE will NEVER be the SAME and I am DELIGHTED.

I now help women FREELY all over the world to find their truth and if they wish to join me, I assist them in not only creating their own life by design, but freeing their families and communities and empowering other to do the same …TRULY a 5D life

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