Morning sun in the tree foliage in strong fogSelf Love is a Journey to Freedom

Self Love is a journey. In fact I often say that it is a life-time journey because understanding what it asks of us and applying it requires a lifetime commitment.


Because it occurs in layers..layers that are discovered, excavated and allowed to reveal treasures underneath for our personal power.

In today’s podcast episode, we discuss the third layer of Self Love and what is found within; yet another part of your true nature that is here to guide you, nurture you, nourish you and yes, even set you free.

Freedom is often thought of as being accomplished by the need to let go of something quite dramatic that has kept you tethered.

With Self Love however, this freedom is found only as you set yourself free and find you can only really take flight by cultivating and feeding one very important connection.

Listen in and discover for yourself what that connection is and learn why it is the only way to your true freedom!

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