#4: Huw Kingston Part 2 — A Man on a Bike, A Message in a Bottle and a Case of Water Setting The World On Fire

July 27, 2021

Listen in as Huw shares his most eminent projects:  Bites by Bikes designed for these extraordinary times,  Don’t Bag the Environment, and Bundy on Tap —the project that brought the worlds media giants to his little town.  His initiatives made Bundanoon in Southern Australia the first bottled water free town in the world and put it on the map! 


If that wasn’t enough, then Huw circumnavigates the Mediterranean Sea, traveling 15,000km over 17 countries in 12 months all while risking dangers in active war zones! Huw was traversing these waters with his trusty kayak during the treacherous times of the Syrian crisis, intent on raising money for the not for profit, Save The Children.

You can read more in his book, Mediterranean, where he suddenly found himself in some pretty hot water. How did he get through? Here are his words…“With my natural ability to pull things out of a hat, leaving things to chance and leaving things to kindness, with a little bit of push and shove and drive, got me out of that.” These extraordinary experiences landed Huw a wonderful TedX delivery in Athens that you can listen to here: https://youtu.be/fPth2KOcKRY


Each story is filled with jaw dropping inspiration that will change the lens you look through and give you some personal guidance too. My hope through all of this is that you will realize the theme, the common thread through it all; Human kindness is the key but always asks that you also give back. This is where Huw shines and invites you to explore how you can do this in your life too. 


Tune in now to Part 2.  


One heart, one idea, one spark and the world is set on fire.

Read More About Huw

huw kingston

Adventurer, writer and environmentalist, Huw Kingston has spent over 30 years undertaking long human powered journeys in wild places across the world. He has numerous awards to his name including the Australian Geographic Spirit of Adventure Award and was named one of Time Magazine’s 25 Worldwide Responsibility Pioneers for his work reducing plastic waste and pollution. Huw is also an ambassador for Save the Children Australia and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

Huw’s most recent long journey was an extraordinary year-long circumnavigation of the Mediterranean Sea by sea kayak, foot, ocean rowboat and bike. A journey that started and finished at Gallipoli and traversed 13,000km through 17 countries. 

His book Mediterranean – A year around a charmed and troubled sea tells the story of this journey and is a remarkable account of the people, land and seascapes of the Mediterranean countries of Europe and North Africa at a time of economic and human turmoil.

Huw writes for a range of publications in Australia and overseas, focusing primarily on adventure, travel and sustainability. He is a regular keynote speaker at conferences and other functions around the world. 

For 30 years Huw also ran Wild Horizons, offering some of Australia’s best known adventure events and running adventure tours in Australia and overseas. He still leads occasional tours.



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