I had a client ask me the other day why writing is so good for us. It was such a great questions and to tell you the truth, no one has really ever asked me that before. Journaling is known to give us an opportunity to purge feelings and thoughts and we know it can feel good to do that but did you know that writing can actually heal your heart?


As you know, writing is one of my passions. It comes naturally and easily to me and I realized there was more to it than something I loved to do.  



There is such power in that because it requires reflection and isolation of details about something. 


Once you’ve identified something that has come up in your life, you can then choose to keep it or to let it go! And, what we know about letting go, is that it is essential before you can go forward. Makes sense right?


This is a healing process, because in even just those simple actions, you are transforming energy…shifting the energy frequencies of your experience. 


This is how you can use writing to help you change your energy flow and heal your heart…in other words, how you can make that HeartShift from self- sabotage towards Self Love. 


It’s sometimes a huge leap and in fact may even seem impossible so you may need to take it in bite-sized pieces and that’s one of the things that writing does. 


I often find that as I write, more and more details come together for me but also, suddenly, my feelings come up and my emotional responses come up and I can take a look at them once they do. 


Why do I want to do that? 


Because I have a choice 100% of the time how I want to respond or react, as well as which actions I want to take.


This of course is based on the result that I am looking for. There is always a roadmap but we often can’t see it until we take a look at where we’ve been, choose where we want to go and decide what will take us there to our desired destination.


I know you’ve heard me speak often about Forgiveness and the importance of it for healing.


What I find that when I am journaling and writing my experiences, I am also able to identify what I need to put through my Forgiveness process in order to let go and transform the energy that has me tied up in knots.


And I might add, it always is something I have to identify about myself, let go of and forgive myself of and then miraculously, everything else becomes easier to let go of. It’s actually quite miraculous!


In fact, as you may know, I’ve just published a great little book on this subject, Forgive To Live: Making Peace to Live in Peace!  It is based on the original quotes of people from all over the world on just Forgiveness. They opened their hearts through writing.  I think you’ll be able to feel their journeys as they share their thoughts and beliefs about Forgiveness and the healing that they have experienced because of it. And I’ve also written a little about Forgiveness, it’s importance and how and why to start the process.





Writing can be so powerful and I promised to give you 3 reasons why so here they are:

Reason #1

The paper and pen don’t judge You can be open and honest and let good and bad flow onto the paper. Put it all out there; the good, the bad and  the ugly.


Without judgment, you are free to get past what’s blocking your energy flow and allowing you to move forward. Those blocks caused by the density of the energy of judgment is what has kept you from actually being free!

Reason #2

See your problems, your issues, your fears, your phobias, your beliefs, see them from a different perspective and start to Forgive yourself for letting them control your happiness. 

They will pop right up as you’re writing and wave their arms at you to notice them! Right now, these things are in your head, roaming around creating chaos and confusion, disrupting attempts at happiness, keeping you down.

These things are congregated energetically around your heart creating dense energy and keeping light and love from flowing freely as it should. 

When you write down all these things, try walking away for a bit if you feel any contraction in your body or energy as you look at them.

Take some nice deep breaths and reaffirm that Self Love is waiting, go back and read what you wrote. If you wait until you feel softer when you tune into them, you may actually be able to release the hold they have had on you!

Reason #3

You can write out exactly what you DO want. 

Writing what you want, writing how you want to be, writing your dreams, writing about what moves you, writing about the love you’d like to have in your life, the type of relationships, the success you want…it starts to become real to you, something you can go back and look at, hold in your hand, visualize when you read it over and over… 

…and read it out loud!


This will really help you to connect energetically with your hearts desires! The energy starts moving, seeking out and shifting towards what you want, your heart starts opening up and making room for all of this to land!

If you do this every single day, for 21 days, it will become a new belief, a positive energy pattern which will start to manifest in other ways and in other dimensions of your life. 

I hope this has helped inspire you to start your own writing journey and begin the next chapter of your life from a place of clarity, understanding and realization.  The realization that you have the power, within YOU, to change whatever is not bringing you the fulfillment and happiness you deserve.

Huge Hugs and HeartShifts


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