#3: Peter Anthony The Accidental Prophet — Reawakening Your Own Power to Heal

September 18, 2020
peter anthony high vibe tribe podcast guest

Peter Anthony is a ‘repeat guest’ on HeartShift Radio and brings to us constant inspiration and hope, and shares his how-to guidance for self-healing.

What you will hear as you listen into this interview, is a powerful presence and determination of a man who is here to share and will exhaust every opportunity to do so. What you will feel, is a heart on FIRE with passion and knowingness that we truly are unlimited in our potential. 

His stories are profound and will bring you to a new level of memory awareness within yourself, of your own abilities that you can tap into right now. That’s why he is here with you today. To reawaken your memories within yourself of your own power to heal. 

Peter and I invite you to join us in this journey of exploration and discovery of Universal truth, ready to partner with us in any way we desire and need it to.

Please share your comments and questions below! We welcome all. 

Read More About Peter

peter anthony guest on high vibe tribe podcastPeter Anthony is a published author of the international selling book Key Master, a TV producer, Spiritual Life Coach, an expert in ancient Numerology, contributing writer for many major and regional magazines across the country, including, Johns Hopkins Medical publication, and a paranormal investigator.

Anthony’s career began with CBS News Division in NYC, as a free lance image consultant, working with VIPs and celebrities ranging from politicians, to news anchors, to TV and film stars.

During the height of his TV career, Peter had a Near Death Experience, due to medical complications, and the after-effects would manifest not only a massive career change, but a personal change as well.

Peter Anthony’s psychic gifts would land him on Fox’s hit paranormal TV show, Sightings, as a result of resolving a homicide case that baffled detectives. Anthony’s new career allowed him to work alongside some of the most brilliant forensic experts, scientists, law officers, as a Psychic Detective, working on cases around the world.

Peter has appeared on national TV shows including, Border Line, Fact or Fiction, Mysteries of the Unexplained, PSP, and has appeared on international and domestic TV, radio shows, as well as You Tube.

Mr. Anthony has appeared as a spiritual guest on, Age of Truth, hosted by Lucas Alexander, Coast to Coast, hosted by George Noory, The Kingdom of Nye, hosted by Heather Wade, The Chris Fleming Show, The Evan Weiss Show, as well countless international podcast shows.

Peter Anthony’s sequel to Key Master, The Accidental Prophet, is soon to be released.

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