#20: Mel Robertson — Allowing the Now and One Woman’s Journey Into Decluttering Her Life

January 16, 2021

Mel Robertson’s story of abuse and trauma, street life and drugs through eyes wide open with an endless search of Self left me feeling so loved knowing that this divine creature had finally made her way home. A Course in Miracles describes this journey as one that delivers you “to a place you never left.”

Join me in welcoming Mel back home where she is rocking her heartfelt, purpose driven life filled with an incredible wisdom and a knowingness that all things were indeed working in her favor.   This set the stage the stage for her amazing decluttering work with others in a method she calls “Allowing the Now,” that is nothing short of heaven sent!

There is no story that unwinds in a linear path but there are some that have so many twists and turns that you need to nap when you finish hearing about it from sheer exhaustion. That’s the way I felt after this interview.  Not from a weariness of drain or from tension trying to hold my energy in. Rather, this exhaustion was a gift from bearing witness with compassion and understanding. It all made perfect sense! I was treated to a softness that unfolded as my energy leached out of any constraints and left me in a state of complete awe, revelation and gratitude. I’m sure it will do the same for you, so please tune in to this latest podcast and get ready for a whirlwind ride with guest Mel Robertson.

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Mel is a De-Clutter Expert, Coach & Founder of De-Cluttering Spaces. She helps her clients get free from clutter; physical, mental & emotional, so they can make space for the magic to happen and experience happiness and abundance in every area of their lives!

Before Mel became a De-Clutter Expert, she was a cluttered, depressed and suicidal adolescent (no one thought she was going to make it to see her 18th birthday)Now she has freedom from clutter and experiences happiness and abu

ndance in every area of her life! And she wants you to know that no matter how much clutter you have or how far down on the vibrational scale you feel, you too can get free from clutter and experience happiness and abundance in every area of your life!

Mel is your wake up call in a world where many falsely claim that addressing the physical clutter alone is enough, and that you can get free from clutter if you just follow a schedule and stick to it (although she does believe that a regular schedule is helpful once you’ve addressed the root of the clutter).

Now she shares the TRUTH about being a woman who overcame her struggle with clutter and depression (as well as the very best strategies for getting organized – without feeling overwhelmed and losing yourself in the process) when she shares her experience and ideas in her newsletters, on social media, on stages and in sessions with her private clients.



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