#2: Charlotte Common — Breaking Out of the Mold, and Finding Newness in Life After Grief

September 18, 2020
charlotte common guest on the high vibe tribe, a heartshift radio podcast program

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, “There is nothing common about Charlotte.”  And I imagine that was probably the reaction of most when they met her even as a child. Rebellious and perhaps looked upon as defiant, she clearly was not of the mold her parents and family wanted her to be. In fact, they thought her dull, and incapable. When you listen to her interview, you will laugh out loud at this prospect. The brilliance of her heart is mesmerizing. Does any of this sound/feel familiar?

She tried her best to conform, to shrink and to stay quiet and reserved. But what else could she do when she found herself entranced by the light peeking out from behind the dark shades that were drawn down upon her heart?  She broke out of the mold and found newness in life — and now she gives others the same opportunity.

In today’s podcast interview, Charlotte and I discuss grief in so many stages of life, and what is required to let go is sometimes unimaginable in order to let in what is waiting.

What an inspiring journey! Please tune in and let Rev. Charlotte Common know that you don’t think there is anything common about her either. Welcome to The High Vibe Tribe Charlotte!

Read More About Charlotte

Charlotte Common is a Happiness Designer, motivational speaker, visionary, ordained minister and author. She travelled the world and mingled with a variety of cultures. Her multi-facetted experiences kindled in her a passion for the evolution of humanity. 

Charlotte is a trailblazer in supporting the unleashing of hidden potential in men and women of all ages. She specializes in empowering those who seek to explore the mysterious, powerful and rich inner castle of potential. Those longing to unleash all their unique gifts will be encouraged to live the dream of their success and bliss to the maximum. 

Charlotte’s life tells the powerful story of huge transformation made possible. Her teachings are based on her own transformational journey from misery to magic. Charlotte’s spiritual life set her free from the shackles of the past. With great passion, she teaches how to fall in love with oneself, the past, the dream within.



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