#15: Christy Warnick: Answering the Question — When Do You Have More Control; When You’re In the Box Or Out of The Box?

November 27, 2020

In today’s podcast, Christy answer a big question…When Do You Have More Control; When You’re In the Box Or Out of The Box?

Christy Warnick is a Spiritual Healer and Teacher with a wonderful message about giving yourself permission to be ‘special’ and what happens when you allow that knowledge to sink in and you really start to live it.

It seems like it’s backwards, too much ego involved but what unfolds is simply magical! No longer comparing, no longer looking for the next best thing.  Ultimately seeking what’s here for you right now and being OK with that. Christy teaches that is perhaps exactly what allows that next best thing to unfold!

Christy shares with us, using all of her rich experience, how she allowed herself to take a sampling of life when she found herself working on some health issues.  She reveals how not only did they help her to heal, but eventually became a direction for her own life filled with opportunities to help others to heal as well.

What was the one thing Christy had to learn first in order to put all of this into motion? It’s here in the interview of her heart…in the form of a golden nugget for yours. The question is, is it in or out of the box?   

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Christy Warnick – Spiritual Healer and Teacher…

Everything is energy and anything is possible.

Through her work with sessions, consultations, workshops, presentations and online tools, she is grateful to be of service and there’s an “Unconditional Presence” or “Pure Source Energy” that comes through to help others to transform their lives.

Even though she was trained as a Reiki Master, Certified Lightwave Practitioner, Certified Angel Alchemist, Certified Holo-SETS Practitioner and much more, she has let go of the limitations of the modalities.

Her spiritual path has taught her many things, but perhaps the most important discovery is that we don’t have to suffer. When we allow ourselves to be open to Divine Love, Acceptance, Wisdom and Possibilities, we are unlimited.

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