I’ve heard so many arguments from people that sometimes the ‘right’ time to Forgive just hasn’t arrived yet.  I hear them talk about ‘everything in it’s own time, Forgiveness isn’t their job, it’s the other person’s job to repent, or that time will heal all wounds.

Well, you see, here’s the truth…

  1. The right time for Forgiveness is right now. Do not wait even a moment…not even a second longer. Each and every moment you hold on to something that you find is unforgiveable, it is like drinking from a cup of poison for your body, your mind and your Spirit. Your unwillingness or inability to Forgive is killing you and killing your chances for happiness.
  2. Yes, everything does have it’s own time and your time to Forgive is right now! No sloughing off the responsibility or ‘waiting for it to happen! YOU make it happen, right here right now.
  3. Forgiveness is for you, not the other person. Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself so that you can finally be free and in control of your own life.
  4. Yes, time will heal all wounds, but it needs an invitation to do the job. Let it get started by Letting it in to do its’ job. Send the invitation by taking the actions for Forgiving. The doors will fly open for healing of all kind!

Forgiving is for living!

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