#1: Joseph Mercado — Connecting with the natural world and learning how it will support your health and well-being

September 18, 2020

What a delightful guest and a truly authentic heart and voice in the midst of this wonderful but crazy world.  Author, teacher and modern day medicine man Joseph Mercado is a powerful force for light, and yet he is as tender as the plants, herbs and natural habitats he nurtures and watches over. 

Foraging in the mountains for many of the components necessary for his medicinals, Joseph has developed an intimate relationship, a pure love for all of nature and you will feel this as you tune in and connect to his great wisdom. 

Joseph helps you connect with the natural world around you and you’ll learn from him how it will support your health and well-being. He talks about what’s needed to promote a healthy body, mind and Spirit and he has lots of nutritious food for thought on the matter.  

And — as a bonus addition, Joseph added his thoughts and shared some tips about how to stay healthy during this time of confusion and fear. 

Listen now to the interview with Joseph Mercado, ‘The Modern Day Medicine Man’

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Read More About Joseph

Joseph Mercado is a mindset-nutrition educator, author of 37 books, creator of the
PLenergy home education course, and founder of Master Mind University, a global blog directory of knowledge, experiences, and wisdom.

Joseph is highly passionate about helping people stay healthy and have life longevity through plant based nutrition using herbal medicine.

He also finds valuable purpose in traveling the Appalachian Mountains on native lands to look for specific plants so that people can get the best organic teas that come directly from nature.

You can find Joseph on social media and visit his website for more information on PLenergy

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