Forgive to Live

Making Peace to Live in Peace

“It was always my intention, with the creation of this book, to use it to continually promote peace throughout the world and that is why a portion of each book sale goes to a very worthy peacekeeping organization”Marcy Neumann


“Marcy has combined visual imagery with thoughtful insight on Forgiveness and how it truly is the start of living a Self Love lifestyle.”


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When visual imagery and inspiring words meet reflective

insight, it is easy to see how Forgiveness and Peace work

hand in hand. This unique insight offers readers the

opportunity to explore why Forgiveness is the

cornerstone of living in Peace.

Will You Be A Champion for Peace?

Right now, the world needs something more. Something good. The world needs peace and my intention is to help spread positive energy and peace throughout the world.

With each Forgive to Live: Making Peace to Live in Peace book purchase, 20% of all net profits will be donated to the peace-keeping organization Seeds of Peace. Watch the video to learn more about this amazing organization.

Seeds of Peace has over two decades of experience organizing and implementing dialogue and leadership development programs for youth and educators in communities in conflict across the globe.

Nearly 6,700 young leaders and educators from 27 countries have benefitted from our year-round conflict transformation programs. Learn more about our modelprograms, and the impact of our work.



20% of Book Profits Go to Charity


Understand The Forgiveness/Peace Correlation


Inspirational Quotes


Beautiful Image Quotes


7 Guiding Lights of Forgiveness


A Brand New Perspective on Forgiveness

If you are ready to finally let go of the energy that’s


  • kept you from being the best version of yourself
  • kept you from fulfilling your true potential
  • kept you from showing the world the real you and
  • kept you from experiencing the sheer joy and happiness that life has to offer then you’ll want this book in your hands.


60+ pages, full color image quotes, insightful commentary and guiding steps on when, how and why to start your own forgiveness journey.


Feel the loving energy of its healing words as you hold it in your hands, connecting your mind, body and spirit to forgiveness, peace and the freedom to be who you were meant to be. It’s more than just a book. It’s the beginning of the beautiful connection with yourself and to the Universe.

About the Author


Marcy Neumann

Marcy Neumann


As a life and spiritual coach, specifically The HeartShift Coach and an authority on manifestation and transformational energies, I try and project a positive, loving energy into everything I teach. Love is all there is and self-love is the greatest love of all. It’s my mission and life purpose to deliver these messages of love and transform lives through energy education, teaching empowerment skills and creating tools for personal change.

I’m here to help you shift your heart, shift your thoughts and shift your life to being happy, healthy and whole!

Marcy Neumann, Rev., RN, CHT, RMT is a professional Energy Healer, Integrative Intuitive Counselor, Spiritualist Minister, Certified Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master. Marcy is also a published author, a creator of award-winning manifestation and healing products and public speaker.

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