I help people struggling with change. The heart wants one thing. The head is fighting it. My HeartShifting process is about making sure these two things are on the same page and working together. I help identify resistance and teach the process of shifting your heart and your thoughts that leads to the ultimate reward...loving YOU and loving your life!


Shift your heart. Shift your thoughts. Shift your life. HeartShifting is the ultimate self-healing program to achieve true self-love and lasting lifestyle changes.


Whether its forgiving someone, something or yourself, forgiveness plays a powerful role in creating a strong self-love and lasting changes.
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    • Deep Cellular Healing

      Every thought and emotion carries a cellular pH value, either alkaline or acidic. Carry too many acidic thoughts and you will feel the mental and physical affects through illness and desease. CELLpH Love is the beginning of deep cellular healing and one of the key components in created by self-love. Break the acidic cycle for lasting changes in health and happiness.

      Letting Go

      Just let it go. So much easier said than done. But if you want to see real change, create an unshakable self-love, you must learn how to let go of past hurt, past heartbreak to change the energy flow around you. Once this happens, your heart opens to a new energy of Letting In. This is the moment that changes everything.
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